There are many options available for creating a website to showcase your photos. Most are of the pay-per-month variety. Some provide you with the ability to sell your work and others do not.

If you subscribe to the $9.99 per month Adobe Photography Plan (Lightroom plus Photoshop), you have the option to use the free Adobe Portfolio app to design a website to showcase your work. The website will then be hosted on Adobe's servers and there is no charge for this. 

Adobe Portfolio is a good choice if you want to:
Quickly and easily create a website for your creative work without writing code
Use your own domain name
Add buttons for your social media feeds, such as Instagram and Twitter
Sync projects between Adobe Portfolio and Behance
Use Typekit fonts
Upload content you already have in Lightroom Mobile and Creative Cloud file storage
Analyze site traffic using your Google Analytics account

On the other hand, Adobe Portfolio isn’t a good fit if you want to:
Design or install additional themes
Edit CSS, PHP, or JavaScript code
Provide non-public services to clients, such as private proofing/review galleries or print fulfillment
Sell from the site
Blog from the site
Upload and manage thousands of images from your camera

Comparison of Adobe Portfolio and Square Space (a pay-per-month solution)
Adobe Portfolio is a site builder that comes with the CC bundle. Squarespace makes a similar promise, but this site-building platform includes additional features that make it worth considering. 
If by now you have decided to give Adobe Portfolio a try then start here. 
As with any new project, it is a good idea to spend some time planning it before actually tackling the implementation. 

First step
The first step is to decide how you would like to present your photos. Do you want to display the photos on the website in groups (e.g., Travel, Family, Landscape, Cityscape) where each group has a "cover" photo which when clicked will take the site visitor to thumbnails of the photos in that group?
Or do you have a limited number of photos that it would not be necessary to present them under group headings?

Second step
Let's assume you want your photos to be presented to the site visitor in groups. As you are a photographer, that is most likely what you will want. For talking purposes, let's assume that those groups are Landscape, Flowers and Wildlife.
I would suggest in Lightroom Classic that you create a Collection Set (My New Website or whatever) to contain all of the photos that you want to feature on this new website. Next create Collections for Landscape, Flowers and Wildlife under that Collection Set.

Third step
The third step involves going through the photos in your Lightroom catalog to select the ones you want to include on your new website and add them to the appropriate Collection.

Fourth step
At this stage, you have several options as to how you might want to continue. 
The first option involves syncing your photos to the Adobe Cloud (actually Smart Previews rather than the full-sized photos). The advantage of this option is that these photos would also become available via the Lightroom app on your phone and tablet. 
Note: Smart Preview storage does not count against the 20 GB limit of the Adobe Photography Plan.
The second option would involve creating Landscape, Flowers and Wildlife folders on your desktop, exporting the photos from Lightroom Classic onto your desktop and then dragging them into the appropriate Landscape, Flowers or Wildlife folder.
During the process of creating your Adobe Portfolio website, you have the opti0n to include photos from either from the Adobe Cloud (first option above) or navigate to the photos on your computer desktop (second option above).

Now let's take a look at some videos that will acquaint you with the process of creating your Adobe Portfolio website. I would suggest you view ALL of these BEFORE jumping in.
Before you view the videos below, please note that the user interface for Adobe Portfolio has evolved over the few years it has been available to Adobe Photography Plan subscribers. Thus I have tried to include the most recent YouTube videos on the topics. Those videos that portray the topic with an older user interface will nevertheless provide an explanation of the underlying concepts which have not significantly changed.
Introduction to Adobe Portfolio
Learn to use Adobe Portfolio to create your own portfolio website in under a minute.



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Adobe Portfolio FAQ
Quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase your creative work with Adobe Portfolio. Free with any Creative Cloud subscription.

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