Recent updates to the Lightroom ecosystem have provided some wonderful options for me when it comes to getting photos onto my web site as well as how those photos are displayed for the visitor to the site. 
 In a nutshell, photos in a Collection in Lightroom Classic can be synced to the Adobe Cloud. These collections can then be joined with the Adobe technology to create AND host a web page that provides a very nice user interface through which the site visitor may view the photos from that Collection... See example 
 Maintenance of the site becomes very simple. If I want to add a photo to the web site, from within Lightroom Classic I simply drag the new photo into the synced Collection. If I want to delete a photo, I simply delete it from the synced Collection. These changes are automatically reflected in the live web site! 
 Furthermore, if I make Develop module adjustments to a photo in a synced Collection, these changes are automatically reflected in the live site. Pretty damn cool! 
 To take advantage of this new Adobe technology, I have created a set of Collections that mirror the categories of photos I display on my web site... Animals, Faces, National Parks, etc. I add photos to these Collections from the 5-star Smart Collection for my photo categories. These Collections are then setup to sync to the Adobe Cloud. 
 Additionally, these photos are also available to be viewed on my iPad and iPhone using the Lightroom mobile app for those devices.
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