Now that all of the photos from the shoot have been rated and developed, it is time to Export them as JPEG's for use on my web site.

Photos destined for my Blog page are those photos that have a 4-start rating as well as those with a 5-star rating. These photos have been assembled for me by the Smart Collections that I have set up. 
 As stated above, I make heavy use of Smart Collections to automatically gather & categorize photos for use on my web site. These photos will be in the current sort order. This is not usually the order in which I would like them to be displayed on the web site. 
 Thus, I have created a parallel series of Collections to complement the Smart Collections. Once I am ready to export the photos, I select all of those photos from a Smart Collection and drag them into the corresponding Collection. I then drag and drop to reorganize the order of those photos 
 I have an Export Preset designed that creates JPG files that are 960 pixels on their longest edge. This preset is also designed to rename the resultant JPG's sequentially starting at "001". 
Having these sequentially numbered makes my job easier when it comes to displaying  the photos on the web site. I have a template HTML page that has these filenames typed thus avoiding a lot of duplicate effort on my part. All I need to do is delete those pre-typed filenames that are not being used.
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