The Canon R5 has the ability to map its many, many functions to the many physical buttons on the camera body. Thus you can personalize your camera to fit your style of photography.
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Bird Photography

Today I wanna show you the settings I found the most useful that have transformed my Canon EOS R5 into a real powerhouse for my bird photography. Normal Animal Eye Detection Autofocus didn't always work perfectly, so I set up a way that lets me switch between normal autofocus and animal eye detection autofocus within an instant. Besides that's there were a few changes that made the camera feel so much better for me.
I go over my setup for the Canon R5 and Canon RF 100-500mm lens to maximize their performance for capturing extreme birds in flight.
Wildlife Photography

The Canon R5 settings for wildlife photography as explained by Pangolin Photo Host Janine Krayer. ​​​​​​​
Studio Photography

I wanted to share with you how I setup my new Canon EOS R5 as a commercial studio photographer. My last camera was a 5DIV, so this video will take a deep-dive into the settings and features of the first Canon professional mirrorless camera and how it compares to its DSLR predecessor.
I am going to share my recommended camera settings for the Canon EOS R5, which will hopefully make it easy for our readers to get started with this camera.
Explanation of Menus on Canon R5

Menu & Best Settings

Custom Function Menu

Setup Menu


Auto Focus Menu

Shoot Menu

Canon R5 Viewfinder Settings

Canon R5 Viewfinder settings to help you use a Histogram, Level, Grid and many many more functions in this Mirrorless Canon Camera!
After owning the EOS R5 for about a week now, I have spent some time getting familiar with the settings. In this video I walk through the settings that I adjust for photography when I take this camera out of the box.
Canon R5 – MUST KNOW Camera settings and Menu Options
Detailed Walkthrough of Canon R5

Three hour video that goes through the Canon R5 in great detail
Best Settings for Landscape Photography on the Canon R5 / R6
May 2, 2021
Nick Page
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