-- Distance from Casa Budde West to --

  Jackson Wyoming - 35 miles 
 Jackson Hole Airport - 45 miles 
 South Entrance to Grand Teton National Park - 50 miles 
 Idaho Falls & airport - 70 miles 
 West Entrance Yellowstone National Park - 100 miles 
 Salt Lake City Utah - 285 miles 
 Glacier National Park - 500 miles 
 St. Louis Missouri - 1,350 miles 
-- Driving Directions from Jackson Wyoming to Driggs --

Driggs is approximately 35 miles from the town of Jackson Wyoming. Here are the driving instructions to Casa Budde West from Jackson:
If you are approaching Jackson from the south (Highway 191/189), you will come to a stoplight where the road makes a ninety degree right turn to go into the town itself. Do NOT take this right hand turn but instead get into the left hand turn lane (Wyoming Highway 22).
If you are coming from the town of Jackson, take West Broadway (the street that is the southern most street of the town square) and drive west. When the road makes a ninety degree left hand turn, get into the right hand lane at the stoplight (Wyoming Highway 22).
 Follow Highway 22 as it heads west away from Jackson. Landmarks along the way: Snake River crossing, road to Teton Village and Wilson Wyoming. 
   Just past Wilson Wyoming, the road will start to climb as you drive towards Teton Pass (approximately 9,000 feet elevation). You will then descend down the mountain. 
   Once you are down from the pass and the road straightens out you will come to the Idaho border. At that point the road becomes Idaho Highway 33 (same road … different name). 
  Continue on Highway 33 to Driggs. Landmark: Victor Idaho (eight miles south of Driggs).
   When you get into Driggs, proceed to the stoplight (the only one in town). Make a right hand turn at that stoplight. Landmarks at intersection … Key Bank, drug store, real estate office, building with buffalo on top. 
-- Directions from Driggs Stoplight to Casa Budde West --
 Driggs proper is only five blocks. About 3/4 mile past Fifth Street, the road will turn to the left (with an option to go straight). Follow the road to the left. 
   Drive for about one mile and start looking for some grey painted townhouses on the left (not to be confused with some grey painted townhouses just around the turn. That is the Stone Ridge development and not ours). 
   Make the first left (Powder Valley Road) just after you see the townhomes. You will also see a sign ("Powder Valley - Shadowbrook") announcing our development. 
   About 25 yards after making the turn on Powder Valley Road, make a left hand turn onto Shadowbrook Lane. As you make that turn you will be looking at the back of Casa Budde West over the landscape berm on the right. 
   Follow the road as it follows the berm on the right hand side of the road. At the end of the berm, turn right into driveway in front of the right hand unit of the first building. This is Casa Budde West which is 536 Shadowbrook Lane. The "536" is to the right of the front door over the porch light. 
   If you should get confused (or lost), call me on my cell phone (314) 725-6696.
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