--  Overview  --
 Driggs (2010 census 1,660 up from 1,100 in 2000) is located in Teton County Idaho. Driggs is located in a large valley that is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges ... to the east the Teton Range, to the south the Palisade Range and to the west the Big Hole Range. The valley is mostly farmland with homes and developments being built over time. The Teton River runs through the west side of the valley and provides some great trout fishing and floating opportunities. There are many hiking trails in these ranges as well as in Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks.

Driggs is at an elevation of 6,200 feet and the climate is arid. This translates into cool weather and, best of all, low humidity. In the summer, it can get into the 90's during the day but it is still very pleasant. It can also get into the 50's and 60's overnight.

A fantastic new grocery store opened in the spring of 2005. A new hardware store followed in the fall of 2005. The old locations of these businesses have been converted to new uses in a very pleasing manner. The real estate market took a significant hit in 2008 and is finally starting to come back. There are a number of new golf courses that have come into existence in the last few years. There is a new garden center that opened in 2008 that will blow you away.

June: the weather can be unpredictable. It can be cold, rainy and cloudy with snow at times. It also can be quite nice with snow in the mountains.
July: the wildflowers are at their peak by mid-July.
August: the best month weather-wise and thus the most popular for visitors. In recent years, this month has become the month of forest fires in the West and smoke in the skies can diminish the visitor experience.
September: the temperatures start to get cooler.

   --  Flying  --

For those planning a visit, if you are flying, your airport options are:

Jackson, Wyoming or Idaho Falls, Idaho - you will not have to rent a car unless you wish to do so, or your party is larger than the three additional folks (plus their luggage) I can accommodate in my car (GMC Acadia). If you fly into Salt Lake City, Utah you will have to rent a car.

--  Driving --
Distance from Casa Budde West to:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming - 35 miles
Jackson Hole airport - 45 miles
South entrance Grand Teton National Park - 50 miles
Idaho Falls & airport - 70 miles
West entrance Yellowstone National Park - 100 miles
Salt Lake City, Utah - 285 miles
Glacier National Park - 500 miles
Saint Louis, Missouri - 1,350 miles

Note: the grocery store in Driggs is NOT open on Sunday. Thus, if you are driving to Driggs and plan to arrive either late Saturday or on Sunday, be sure to pick up whatever special items (e.g., coffee as I am not a coffee drinker) you require somewhere along your drive.

​​​​​​​-- Other --
    We are on Mountain time.
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