My computer consultant

Desktop Computer
I use a desktop computer when I am in residence in St. Louis. 
This computer is a Main Gear Vybe gaming computer. Gaming computers are very powerful devices and it seems that post processing applications require more and more power with each new update. Inside this computer is a 1 TB Solid State Drive (SSD) which is used to store my applications. I also have two 6 TB Hard Disk Drives (HDD) inside the computer. One of the HDD's is my working drive where I store my photo files and Lightroom files and the other is a backup copy of the first HDD.
Laptop Computer
This computer is my on-the-road travel computer.
The laptop computer is a MSI Alpha 17. Inside this computer is a 1 TB SSD that is used to store applications. In Driggs, I have a 27" monitor attached to this laptop. I have two external USB powered HDD's that I connect to this computer that serve the same function as the two internal HHD's on my desktop computer.
Software - Post Processing
Adobe Lightroom Classic (workhorse) and Adobe Photoshop (very occasionally)
Software - Website Development
 Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Portfolio
File Organization
All of my photo files are stored on the HDD under a top-level folder that I call "Galleries". Beneath this top-level folder, I have several levels of sub-folders. 
The first level is "Year"... 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, etc. 
Under each of these Year folders I create other sub-folders which contain the RAW files of the photos that were taken on a particular date.
These sub-folders are named using the following convention:
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