You have been out taking what you hope are beautiful landscape photos and you are back home at your computer. What's next?
You Import your photos into Adobe Lightroom Classic. Import is the term that Adobe uses but I feel this is misleading. Your photos are never "in" Lightroom. The files the camera created and stored on your card are NEVER changed by Lightroom.
In the Import process, Lightroom Classic does two main things:
Records the meta data for the camera files, and
Records the location of the files on your HDD.
This data is kept by Lightroom Classic in another file that is referred to as a Catalog. This Catalog is a MySQL database file. If you assign Keywords to your photos, these Keywords are stored in the Catalog. If you create Collections and Smart Collections, these are stored in the Catalog. Once you start post processing the photos, Lightroom Classic will also include your individual Develop instructions in this Catalog.
As you can see, the Catalog is a VERY important file in the Adobe Lightroom  ecosystem.

My Import Process

As I stated earlier, I have a file structure that I want to store my photo files in. Even though, Lightroom Classic has a "hand holding" method of importing photos and creating folders for you, I have never used that approach. Your mileage may vary.
I first use File Explorer to navigate to the Year folder. I then create a new folder and name with my naming convention: 
This will hold the files that are now on my camera card. I insert my camera card into my card reader and copy those into this new folder. I then remove the card from the card reader. I do not format this card using the computer operating system. I also do not return the card to the camera just yet.
I start the Lightroom Classic application, click on the Import button on the lower left-hand of the screen. Navigate to the Source of the photo files. In the example above, the "08-11-Targhee-Fest" folder.
If I want to assign a Location Keyword to all of these photos, I add that Keyword in the Keywords section of the Apply During Import panel on the right of the screen.
I make sure the Add option at the top middle of the screen is highlighted and then click on the Done button.

Last Thing

I quickly view the files in the Library module of Lightroom Classic. Once I am confident that all of the camera files have been imported, I return the card to my camera and format the card so it is ready for its next use in the field.
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