Panorama Photography has dramatically increased in popularity since Photoshop, Lightroom, and other computer software has made it much easier to splice together images.   Panorama photos are wide format photo while Vertoramas photos are tall format photos.  
It can be fairly easy to use LR to splice many images together.   This fairly basic approach (see YouTube) which may lead us to miss some of the key “ingredients.”  These articles will help photographers be more effective in creating great images.  You can simply create panoramas by stitching together multiple images in Lightroom or Photoshop, but you can learn some interesting approaches from Basic Skills to very Complex Skills.  If you are new to creating panoramas, start with the article by Rob Dunsford.
If you are new to taking Pano photography, this is a very good article to learn from.  It starts with a good explanation of why you would benefit from taking a Pano rather than simply taking a photo with a wide-angle lens.   This is followed by an explanation of equipment such as which lens and a tripod and then explains why to shoot vertical with which mode.  The article concludes with a detailed explanation of how to use Lightroom.
21 Tips to Help You Create Better Panoramas
John McIntire - Digital Photography School
A good introductory article that includes lots of details for creating good panoramas.  It begins with information about gear (tripod, panoramic tripod head, and spirit level) which is followed up with a detailed description of how to capture good panoramas (lens, manual exposure, the advantages of portrait exposure).  This article has a good description of post-processing in Lightroom.  The author does a good step-by-step explanation of the details in using Lightroom.
Panoramic Photography Tutorial
Nasim Mansurov - Photography Life
A good all-around article on all aspect of panoramas.  The article explains types of panoramas, how to shoot them, what equipment you should use, and camera settings.  The article only describes how to use Photoshop to complete the panorama.  There are also other articles in Photography Life on Panoramas.
The Hidden Benefits of Panorama Photography
Spencer Cox - Photography LIfe
This a more advanced article about how panorama photos can be helpful in a variety of ways with a special emphasis on composition.  Good panorama photos allow a photographer to create a unique composition with a different balance.  It also allows much larger prints.
How to Shoot Verticle Panoramas
Digital Photography School
This second article focuses on shooting photos of tall images.
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