Sky replacement in Photoshop is a feature that allows you to change the sky in your photos with a few clicks. You can choose from a gallery of preset skies or import your own sky images. Photoshop uses Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence technology, to automatically detect and mask the original sky and blend the new sky with the scene. You can also adjust the lighting, color and edge settings to create a seamless and realistic result. Here are the steps to use sky replacement in Photoshop:
1. Open a photo with a dull or boring sky and choose Edit > Sky Replacement.
2. Explore the preset sky images and click the one you like. You can also click the plus icon to import your own sky image from your computer or cloud storage.
3. Check out the newly blended scene and review the editable adjustments in the Layers panel. You can use the sliders to modify the brightness, temperature, scale and flip of the sky image. You can also change the lighting mode, foreground lighting, edge lighting and color adjustment of the scene to match the sky image. You can use the Sky Move tool, Sky Brush tool, Hand tool and Zoom tool to fine-tune the sky replacement.
4. When you are satisfied with the result, click OK to apply the changes. You can choose whether to output the changes on new layers or a duplicate layer.
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